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Friday, November 8, 2013


 RM 500 000.00 just for one house ?? WOW !..
haha oke now lets talk about this Project 5..We need to study about one of the housing area located in penang and go for a site visit and lastly came with the plan of that housing area.
each student need to choose one of these 6 neighbourhood areas from the list below:

1)       Bayan Residences, Relau, Penang
2)       Sunway Mutiara, Batu Maung, Penang
3)       Sunway Bukit Gambier, Penang
4)       Siara 81, Sg. Ara, Penang
5)       Sunway Merica, Sg. Ara, Penang
6)       Setia Greens, Sg. Ara, Penang

I choosed Sunway Merica as my site location and YES the price for the house in this area is RM 500000.00  such a luxury one lah I guess..
here some photo that i had took from the site :

Here the site plan that I draw for this area Its quiete simple but overall I do satisfy with my work (got improvement in using water colour I guess) :


So as you can see there is 3 type of drawing. Top left is Key Plan,Bottom left is Location Plan and the middle is Layout Plan.
so this is SUNWAY MERICA. Sunway Merica is located in Sungai Ara, Penang, a new residential property project by Sunway City Berhad. The project consists of 3-storey terrace and semi-detached homes. Each terrace house has a build-up area ranging from 2,715 to 3,012 sq.ft.

Sunway Merica features an open concept design that endearingly welcomes natural lighting and cool ventilation. There are 6 bedrooms inclusive 2 master bedrooms with dedicated wardrobe area and balcony.



Project 5B required us to suggest an amendment that I wish  to be added into the neighbourhood.
For me i just have 4 suggestion which is surau,convex mirror by the road side,bump to reduce speed of vehicle and automatic barrier for the entrance.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


WHAT A LUCK ! haha I love this project because its quiet simple for me because I already have a basic about this kind of drawing when I was in SM Teknik JB and Matriculation.

We need to produce the BLUEPRINTS of ours L-shape chair and draw an AXONOMETRIC (I preferred ISOMETRIX) and Perspective Drawing (1 point /2 point )

SO these is my drawing :



 BUSY,BUSY,BUSY those are the thing that came across in my mind when I got this Project 3A..
I wonder how can I complete create my own sculpture within 5 days coz need to go for PIMPIN SISWA on weekend...
but Alhamdulillah I make it on time.Thank you Allah.

OK let me brief a little bit about this Project :

§  Each student is required to create an object of a free-from sculpture that can be made from any materials (new or recycled)
§  By communicating with the inner self, student’s imagination and creation needs to co-work within the limited spaces and time set.
§  The theme of the sculpture is ‘HARMONY’, but each student is free to choose their specific concept that is relevant to the stipulated theme.

And this is my complete sculpture :

I named my sculpture as RL Bloom. In oreder to used the concept of sustainability,I used recycling items as my main material. I used a box,bottle and a rubber band which had been collected from a dustbin and i buy some plastic spoon,fork and cork for the base.

This sculpture represented what I want to be in future. I want to become a successful  person with a great personality and willing to help others in need.Actually i've got the idea to create this form from the light house

Fail:NJ LBI Lighthouse 06.JPG

as we know light house is very useful and helpful to the sailor,so i hope that one day I can achieve what i want to be and be a helpful person just like this light house .


Assalamualaikum and very good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone... Ok for the RUS104 2nd project, we the first year student need to produce two type of drawing. The drawing must be draw from the existing structure such as tree,root,animal,plant,sea,lake,etc (NATURAL STRUCTURE) or building,bridge,bus stop,etc (MAN-MADE STRUCTURE). The existing structure MUST be chosen  within USM area only..


    I've got the idea to draw these tree when I walked around at Tasik Aman. This photo has its

     own natural beauty and attractive values that can make us as a human feel calm and relax.

    This tree located beside the lake and have many natural element such as timber,grass,water

    and sand. 

    The reason I choose to draw this photo is because I wanted to embrace the natural creation

    of nature that human can never build. 

    For this drawing, I used different type of pencil and used technique of hatching to create

    shadowing and light effect on the lake. I hope people will realize the important of nature to

    the world and help to sustain in order to make tomorrow is better than today 



    There are several photo that i had already took, finally after doing several sketches,i've

    come with this drawing to present as my Man-made Structure drawing project.

     The location of the photo is at the bridge which connected both tasik fajar and tasik aman in

    USM. I chosed  this bridge because it has 3 different material used (concrete,timber,steel ).

    For this drawing i used hatching technique to make the shadow effect. I also used water

    colour to make it looks more lively.

    I hope that this bridge will remain here in order to make the visitors at ease.


    Actually,I don't really like this 2nd Project because it required me to draw which I had never done before.
    my hand were shivering,I don't have a skill to imagine the scale and i cant even used the water colour well.So how can I produce the great,good, magnificent, extraordinary,superb,cool, beautiful,skillful,gorgeous drawing like architect,ID or student that already had been gifted to them a talent to draw well right  ?
    so i just try my best and these are the result..