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HBP or in full translation Housing,Building and Planning is the place where the future holder and consultant were born.The main reason why I entering HBP is just to focus in continue my studies so that one day I can achieve my dream to become a Quantity Surveyor without knowing what is the true about HBP.
I never though that a future QS have to draw and learnt about the design.I really hate drawing and design and I feel like to quit but I push myself so that I can be a stronger person and I built my own motivation.
HBP have teach and improve me in many aspect.I started to learn how to be Independent,how to built my leadership and courage and also how to work with others from all different background.The time is too short for me,Now I have be in the end of the semester.It is quite sad and touchable when I realized that after this the studio will divided into 2, so means that I'm going to separates with my friends in RUS 104.I learnt about friendship,I learnt about patient,I learnt how to trust,and I learnt how love each other all because of this studio.I hope that,this experience will guide me to become more mature,friendly and successful person in future and I do hope that the friendship among us will last longer till the end of the day.

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