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Thursday, November 7, 2013


Assalamualaikum and very good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone... Ok for the RUS104 2nd project, we the first year student need to produce two type of drawing. The drawing must be draw from the existing structure such as tree,root,animal,plant,sea,lake,etc (NATURAL STRUCTURE) or building,bridge,bus stop,etc (MAN-MADE STRUCTURE). The existing structure MUST be chosen  within USM area only..


    I've got the idea to draw these tree when I walked around at Tasik Aman. This photo has its

     own natural beauty and attractive values that can make us as a human feel calm and relax.

    This tree located beside the lake and have many natural element such as timber,grass,water

    and sand. 

    The reason I choose to draw this photo is because I wanted to embrace the natural creation

    of nature that human can never build. 

    For this drawing, I used different type of pencil and used technique of hatching to create

    shadowing and light effect on the lake. I hope people will realize the important of nature to

    the world and help to sustain in order to make tomorrow is better than today 



    There are several photo that i had already took, finally after doing several sketches,i've

    come with this drawing to present as my Man-made Structure drawing project.

     The location of the photo is at the bridge which connected both tasik fajar and tasik aman in

    USM. I chosed  this bridge because it has 3 different material used (concrete,timber,steel ).

    For this drawing i used hatching technique to make the shadow effect. I also used water

    colour to make it looks more lively.

    I hope that this bridge will remain here in order to make the visitors at ease.


    Actually,I don't really like this 2nd Project because it required me to draw which I had never done before.
    my hand were shivering,I don't have a skill to imagine the scale and i cant even used the water colour well.So how can I produce the great,good, magnificent, extraordinary,superb,cool, beautiful,skillful,gorgeous drawing like architect,ID or student that already had been gifted to them a talent to draw well right  ?
    so i just try my best and these are the result..

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